5 Tips for Selling Your Birmingham House in the Current Market

While real estate markets go through shifts and there is a cooling trend, the numbers show home prices are still rising, and the inventory of available homes is still low. Because of the law of supply and demand, the current market is still considered a seller’s market. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, only about eight months of supply is available. Additionally, home sales have slowed, but only slightly; according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, homes spent an average of 50 days on the market in September 2022, about 20 days longer than in May 2022.

You must understand the mindset of buyers as you approach the sale of your home. Today’s buyers can quickly compare hundreds of listings, and your home must stand out among the competition to sell your home for the highest possible profit in the shortest amount of time. So read on as we explore these five tips for selling your Birmingham house in the current market. 


Our first tip for selling your Birmingham house in the current market for the best price means you will be prepping for the sales process. Real estate agents enlist professional stagers to present homes in the best possible light, often requiring sellers to remove excess belongings and other furnishings that don’t fit well into the design to off-site storage. And, unless your home is brand new, a fresh coat of paint is required at a minimum. Often, new flooring and cabinetry go far to bring a fresh look to an outdated interior. Professional buyers like those at Ant Buys Houses can help you understand the prep work you may need to do before the sale and the value it will add to your bottom line. Of course, if you would rather skip the prepping, a direct sale to one of the local professional buyers at Ant Buys Houses may be your solution.


If you are selling your Birmingham house in the current market and require repairs, you should be prepared to complete the repairs or expect to pay for them in negotiations with your buyers. Often, buyers demand more discounts than the repairs would cost to complete themselves. However, whether you don’t have the money, the time or the interest in repairing your house, there is another option, selling as-is directly to professional buyers like those at Ant Buys Houses.


Among the costs of marketing your property, top agents understand that high-quality digital professional imagery and 360-degree drone footage for a virtual tour are worth the expenditure to meet buyers’ expectations for selling your Birmingham house in the current market. If you’d prefer to keep your money in your pocket and skip the marketing, professional buyers like those at Ant Buys Houses can buy your home directly. 


Showings are a part of the process, so it is also vital that you make your home as available as possible; you should have a plan in place with all family members for clearing out when a potential buyer is in town. And don’t forget to erase any signs that a pet lives in the home.  If you would rather skip the hassles of showings and prefer not to have the interior of your home on the internet, you can sell directly to professional buyers like those at Ant Buys Houses. 


Selling your Birmingham house quickly in the current market may depend upon your targeting the right listing price from the start. When sellers play with the numbers and list too high or too low, costly consequences can add up to additional days on the market and push the home’s value down in the buyers’ eyes. Overpriced homes are apparent to buyers who will simply scroll by the listing, and homes that are undervalued leave questions in the minds of buyers, such as what is wrong that is unseen or unmentioned in the listing. Because of our emotional attachments to our homes, it is often difficult for sellers to come to terms with the current market value of their homes. However, with the help of professional buyers like those at Ant Buys Houses, you will have a thorough understanding of what your home could realistically sell for on the Birmingham real estate market. 

The professional buyers at Ant Buys Houses will lay out all the details on the table, so you can compare what you’d sell for with a listing vs. an offer to buy your home directly so that you will agree our offer is fair. The professional buyers at Ant Buys Houses will also provide you with a guaranteed closing date, typically within a matter of days. And, because our professional buyers at Ant Buys Houses are investing and not moving in, we are happy to arrange the closing with you for a more convenient date. Call Ant Buys Houses at 866-693-6016.

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